LCD Concentrate Battery

Great for dabbing, and

The LCD Pen Battery shows the battery status and has a "hit counter" that displays the uses per charge. Bright and clear-faced, the LCD Pen Battery display is easy to read even when vaping on-the-go. This battery lasts up to 400 uses on one charge. It can also be charged via USB. Compact and discreet, the 710Pen LCD battery lets you take quick hits on-the-fly in a stealthy manner. Made of high grade metal with a rubberized exterior, the LCD Pen Battery is solidly built and ready for anything life throws at it. Vape batteries ordinarily do not keep you up-to-date on how many hits you've taken and how much battery power you have left. The LCD Pen Battery informs your vaping sessions by letting you know how much you've consumed and how much more vaping time you have left before you need to charge again.

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